The Davenport Theatre is committed to offering affordable performance space to qualifying artists and organizations through submissions to The Space Grant. This is a curated program that provides performing artists and companies with performance space in exchange for a ticket split.

The Space Grant provides up to a total of 10.5 hours of time in The Loft at the Davenport Theatre for engagements of 1-3 performances on consecutive dates.

Each accepted applicant will receive 3.5 hours of time in The Loft at the Davenport Theatre per performance granted. This time is inclusive of rehearsal and tech. If you are granted 1 performance you will receive a total of 3.5 hours in the space, to be used in total on the date granted. If you are granted 3 performances, you will receive a total of 10.5 hours of time in the space to be used in total on the 3 dates granted.

Once accepted, if you wish to book additional rehearsal or tech time in the space, you may do so at the standard rate of $85/hr.

The Davenport Theatre accepts submissions for The Space Grant on a monthly basis. Applications will be accepted beginning the month prior to the first desired performance date. For example, if you wish to perform March 28th, 29th and 30th, you will need to submit your application in the month of February. Early submissions will not be accepted.

Applications are accepted for all forms of live performance, including (but not limited to):
  • theatre
  • dance
  • puppetry
  • comedy
  • variety acts

  • Artists must guarantee that the Davenport Theatre will receive the net value of the first $100 worth of tickets sold per performance, after which the artist agrees to a 50/50 split for all remaining ticket sales per performance.

    The Loft at the Davenport Theatre features plush flexible seating as well as heat and air conditioning. Located on the upper level of the Davenport Theatre, The Loft at the Davenport Theatre is accessible by elevator and stairs and offers an intimate theatre experience with lobby space as well.

    Click here for The Loft at the Davenport Theatre Specifications.


    When will I know if I’ve been accepted?
    You will be notified within 5 business days as to your application status.

    Can I come see the space before or after being accepted?
    Once you have been accepted you will be contacted to arrange a tour of the space.

    Are rehearsal or tech hours included in the time granted?
    The total amount of time allotted is inclusive of any tech or rehearsal time. If you are granted 1 performance at 3.5 hours, your performance and any tech/rehearsal time is included in those 3.5 hours.

    Can we have additional time or days?
    The Space grant provides a total of 1-3 performance days at 3.5 hours per date granted. If you wish to rent additional time in The Loft at the Davenport Theatre, you are welcome to do so at the standard rate of $85/hr.

    Does the Davenport Theatre handle the box office and ticketing for my event?
    The Davenport Theatre does not offer ticketing services for the Space Grant program. You are welcome to use a ticketing service of your choice, such as Brown Paper Bag Tickets, Ovation Tix, etc.

    How do we pay the Davenport Theatre for the first $100 and the remaining 50% split?
    At the end of your scheduled run you MUST report all ticket sales to the Managing Director, who will then invoice you for the total amount owed. This amount will include the sales from the first 10 ticket per performance (minus any ticketing fees), plus 50% of all additional ticket sales per performance.

    Do you provide a tech person?
    The Davenport Theatre does not provide technical support. However, we are able to provide a list of professionals that you may contact.

    Do you provide marketing?
    The Davenport Theatre does not provide marketing services. However, you are welcome to consult with our Director of Marketing, Monica Hammond, at an hourly rate.

    Can we split the performances up over 2 weeks?
    This will be decided on a case by case basis based on merit and availability in the space.

    Do you offer storage?
    Unfortunately, the Davenport Theatre does not offer storage.

    We ask that you submit an application to be considered for the Space Grant, which operates on a monthly basis throughout the year. To submit your application, please sign up to receive the application below.

    "My small teen production company that I had been trying to build for over five years went from performing in a renovated church in NJ for our premiere production to moving on up to a five star Off-Broadway black box. It was truly amazing to have my cast performing on the same street as Kinky Boots. Not only was performing in an Off-Broadway space exciting, it will build credibility for our small company to continue growing and expanding." - Alec Feinsot, Shining Star Players

    "The Davenport Theatre offered our emerging company, Arch Contemporary Ballet, a unique opportunity to perform in the heart of theatre district NYC. They offered us valuable space that allowed our company to produce a production of high quality and merit. Their team was helpful and communicative through the process, and I would highly recommend their space as it is very diverse and can be transformed in many ways to fit any of our production needs." - Sheena Annalise, Artistic Director of Arch Contemporary Ballet